Our History

Samuel Curtis founded the Berkshire Factory, where Curtis Packaging still operates, in 1845. He used this Connecticut-based factory to manufacture fancy combs and buttons. By 1870, Samuel Curtis had acquired sole interest in the business, and his son Henry Gould Curtis joined the business. Henry Curtis realized that these combs and buttons needed specially designed boxes to ship in, to protect the product. When it became evident that constructing these boxes on site would be the most efficient process, the Curtis family began manufacturing two-piece rigid boxes, shaping the path for the booming packaging business to come.

The early 1900s proved to be a flourishing time for packaging, as the Curtis family continued to increase production on all packaging. By 1920, Curtis Packaging focused solely on designing, printing, and converting folding cartons for packaging purposes. Nelson Curtis, Samuel’s great grandson, assumed presidency of the company in 1950. Throughout the next 30 years, Curtis Packaging remained the leader in custom packaging.

In 1980, Nelson Curtis sold the company to five of its executives, and for a short while, was no longer a family-operated business. As the 1980s came to an end, the five owners looked to retirement, and sold the company to Don Droppo Sr., a partner at Curtis’ accounting firm. Upon acquisition, Droppo implemented new technologies and automated workflows to keep Sam Curtis’ vision at the forefront of the business.

The family nature of Curtis Packaging picked back up shortly after, as Don Droppo Jr., Don Droppo Sr.’s son, joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2003. Droppo Jr. brought environmental consciousness to the business, making Curtis the industry leader for environmentally responsible packaging. Droppo Jr.’s vision of environmental responsibility extended so far that Curtis Packaging became the first packaging company in North America to be completely carbon neutral. Droppo Jr. is the President and CEO.

Don Jr. launched a rebranding effort in 2017 that refreshed the Curtis logo and website, and reinforced Curtis as the leading provider of luxury packaging.

From 1845 to present day, Curtis Packaging has remained the packaging industry leader, and continues to provide every client with expertly crafted printing and packaging services.