Our Clients

We are fortunate to serve with many organizations that help us uphold our reputation for innovative, sustainable, and cost effective packaging solutions. Many of our clients are nationally or globally recognized brands, who rely on the highest quality of packaging to sustain their commitments to excellence. Some of our most notable clients include:


Quality Policy

Curtis Packaging remains dedicated to providing quality folding cartons that exceed customer expectations. From design and manufacturing to delivery and customer service, our processes ensure we meet the most uncompromising quality standards.

Continuous Improvement

Curtis Packaging holds continuous improvement as a core value of the business. Our team uses Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing techniques to encourage continuous improvement in all areas of our processes. These efforts continue to show significant gains throughout Curtis Packaging, allowing us to pass these benefits on to our customers in the form of superior products, shorter lead times, and a leaner cost structure.

State of the Art QC Laboratory

Our Quality Control Laboratory employs state-of-the-art technology to measure the individual characteristics of every carton. Using Densitometry and Spherical Spectrophotometry to measure color, our team is able to measure reliability in all of our products.

Curtis Packaging also tests for:

  • Metallic measures
  • Score and bend forces
  • Opening forces
  • Slip and friction
  • Bar code scanning
  • Abrasion/Rub resistance (using the Sutherland Rub Test)

The data collected in our laboratory is analyzed using Statistical Quality Control, ensuring that all of our products run within proper process capabilities.

Curtis Packaging utilizes SQCPack to manage our quality data. This tool allows Curtis to easily and accurately track trends in quality using real-time SPC charting and statistical analysis. This means that Curtis can recognize issues before they become a problem. SQCPack facilitates informed decision making and collaboration within the Curtis Team and with its clients. It allows Curtis Packaging to track and trend quality characteristics such as coefficient of friction, opening force, gloss levels, spectrophotometric data and ink densities to name just a few.

Curtis Packaging assures consistency of color quality through spectral analysis and comparison against our in-house library of standards. By utilizing Color iQC software, Curtis Packaging’s clients can be assured that color quality is consistent in the pre-production and production environments and will remain so during each production run and between production runs.

Screenshot of SQC Database showcasing test results log associated with this specific customer standard (sorted by production run).
Screenshot of color IQC comparing a “trial” ink (current run) to the customer “standard” (control) ink and grading the colors curve and acceptability.
Screenshot of SQC compiling test results and displaying them statistically (control chart, histogram, scatter diagram, process & capability indexes).


Curtis is compliant with
ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
ISO 15378 – Primary Packaging Materials for Medicinal Products
ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems
ISO 12647-1 Graphic Technology Process Control for Parameters and Measurements
ISO 12647-2 Graphic Technology Process Control for Offset Lithography
AIB Non- food contact packaging manufacturing facilities
Member of SEDEX

Our facility is FSC, SFI, and G7 certified.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Curtis Packaging employs a paperless quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001/2008 standards. These standards exist to hold organizations accountable for their environmental and quality management of how their products are produced. These requirements ensure that we state not only what we do in our documentation, but that we can also prove we are effectively measuring and managing our processes. Using key performance measurements, we are able to show continuous improvement in our efforts while simultaneously meeting all of our customer’s requirements.

By incorporating our environmental initiatives into the Curtis Quality Management System, we reiterate that sustainability is at the forefront of our business. Our entire management team is actively involved in developing the quality processes and products at Curtis Packaging, and we continue to gather input from all levels of employees to improve our processes further.

Please contact us for more detailed information.

View a snapshot of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System→

View our ISO 14001 Environmental Agency Snapshot→

Our valued partnerships with a variety of organizations continue to uphold Curtis Packaging’s reputation as innovators in cost-effective packaging solutions.

North American Partner

Curtis Packaging is a founding member of the Independent Carton Group (IGC). This organization has many benefits, but one is a buying consortium. This allows for the negotiation of long-term contacts on our raw materials at volume discounted pricing. The Independent Carton Group also meets quarterly to discuss pertinent industry topics and issues, which helps ensure that Curtis Packaging remains at the forefront of innovation.

International Partners

Curtis Packaging understands the need for worldwide suppliers in today’s global economy. Our partnership with international supplier, S. Silpa, helps meet all our customers’ global packaging needs. S. Silpa is strategically located in Thailand and operates to the strictest quality standards.

“Think global, act local…We want to ensure our customers a dedicated local presence coupled with a unified, worldwide offer.”
Don Droppo, Jr., CEO, Curtis Packaging

Professional Associations

Curtis Packaging is actively involved in a variety of industry packaging organizations. We strive to be the leader of new product offerings and trends within the paperboard industry.

Curtis Packaging is a member of the following professional associations: